Cochrane's Rockyview Hotel is getting a makeover on it's 112th birthday.

The hotel has been around since 1904, and is one of three oldest operating hotels in Alberta.

Co owner JJ Ludwig has had a dream for years about transforming the hotel and paying homage to the era in which it was built.

"I am pretty excited, there are 15 rooms in total so I started small with the first floor. There are 6 rooms on the first floor and I decided to breathe some new life into it, or rather some old life. So basically taking them and putting them back to period pieces that pay homage to what the hotel has stood and represented since 1904 on."

In the renovation process, Ludwig has found some neat finds.

"The one that gave me goosebumps and was really neat to think about was when Steve opened up one of the walls he came across an old 1932 calendar and with it was a shopping list on really nice floral script that you don't see anymore."

Rumor has it that perhaps room number 3 is even haunted, while Ludwig has yet to experience any paranormal activity some people have felt the energy.

Ludwig shares the big challenge has been trying to update the rooms while keeping true to their era.

"It always keeps us thinking, I am really lucky I have had a great team."

The first floor should be complete sometime this fall, and then time will be spent coming up with a plan for the next floor. The rooms on the first floor are themed the Victorian Room, Trapper Room, CP Rail Room, Country- Victorian Room, Prairie Room, and the Cowboys Room.

The renovated rooms are reasonably priced, coming in at $90 with a shared bath and $115 with an en suite.

The rooms are available now, and Ludwig hopes the hotel becomes a gathering place not just for Cochrane, but beyond.

"Everybody that needs a place to sit down, relax, talk, share old stories, share history, share present day triumphs. So for me when this is all done that is exactly what it is going to encompass."