The fourth season of Cruise Cochrane is expected to be the biggest one yet.

Right now, the pieces are starting to falling into place, says Jim Messner.

"Last year was our biggest year, and it will be even bigger and better this year by the looks of it."

They now have an official sponsor in Cochrane GM. As well, a tentative date of Aug. 28 has been set for  Cruz4Her, a charity event in support of the Big Hill Haven women's shelter. Last year they raised $7,000. They've set a $10,000 goal for this year.

"We've got a lot more than three or four weeks to plan so we can make it a bigger and better show this year. We certainly look forward to raising some funds for them because it has been another tough year."

Even before that, hot rods, muscle cars, and cool vehicles will be cruising in and around Cochrane.

"It's primarily geared towards North American, muscle cars and all that, but we're wide open," says Messner. "We're never going to turn anyone away, especially for charity cruises. We want everybody's help, and we want to enjoy everybody. There's nothing better than meeting new people and sharing some stories and laughs. I think we all need a little bit of that after the last winter."

By far, their biggest cruise was on May 16 when they drove by all of the senior care centres in town.

"That's the largest one we've ever had. We quit counting cars at 200."

"I think it really cheered up a lot of people, not just the seniors in the homes but the staff who work there."

They may do another one this summer.

"I think we need to keep thanking those folks and letting the seniors know that we still care about them."

He says the best way to keep in touch with Cruise Cochrane is to visit their website and sign up for their regular newsletter.

To visit their site, go here.

Cruise Cochrane was developed in the summer of 2018 as a fun means to celebrate the culture and values of  “cruising" from days gone by. It's all about family, community, and the hot rod movement.


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