Local worthy causes continue to be aided by the Family Roots program of Two Pharmacy.

Based on April sales, the Wayfinders Wellness Retreat presented a $3,392.22 donation on May 12.

"With the mental health crisis going on, it's really important to us to support organizations that are lending support in our community," explains Two Pharmacy's storyteller Marni McConnach.

Two Pharmacy also supported Wayfinders through its Family Roots program last year and wanted to draw even further attention to the organization's valuable work.

Wayfinders was created by and for first responders and military personnel who have suffered from a post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues related to their service to the public and the nation.

Wayfinders president Paul Wagman says Two Pharmacy was among those stepping forward when a call went out to the community to help complete the retreat. He says their ongoing support has been instrumental in making the retreat possible.

"We're now in a great position to be able to open in a couple of weeks and start our programming," says Wagman.

Wayfinders continues to focus on recruiting more volunteers.

The interior of the 1920s ranch house on the WineGlass Ranch that's home to the retreat is starting to take shape. It's been freshly painted and finishing touches are being added to the flooring that captures the rustic looks of its time.

They're now preparing to decorate the interior, also in a 1920s Western style, and Home Treasures has been putting aside items that may fit the decor.

Each month, Two Pharmacy donates a percentage of sales to a worthy cause.

Wayfinders tourMarni McConnach receives a tour of the 1920s ranch house that is the home of the Wayfinders Wellness Retreat from president Paul Wagman.