Two Pharmacy in Cochrane is looking for public assistance in identifying an adult male who stole approximately $500 worth of merchandise over the weekend.

At approximately 4 pm on Sunday (February 21) an adult male whose behaviour was suspicious in nature was seen lurking around the store.

Reid Kimmett is an Owner and Operations Manager of Two Pharmacy and he says that the male left the store with unpaid merchandise, triggering the store alarms and proceeded to flee the scene on foot.

"He hid behind a pillar and took all of the razorblade cartridges that we had and then went out the door," says Kimmett. "It rang the theft alarm and he took off running. Our staff looked to see what was going on and he was running off to the west."

Kimmett says that the value of the cartridges alone adds up to approximately $500. Security footage shows the man hiding in several areas of the store and carrying a bag. Kimmett says it's unclear at this time whether the suspect had taken anything else.

Kimmett is asking the public for help identifying the man pictured below.

He describes the man as a "Caucasian male, I'd say about five foot eight or so, we couldn't tell many distinguishing features because he was well covered up, but my guess would be in his 50's."  

Kimmett says that while he feels hurt and frustrated by the incident, he's also grateful that these occurrences are rare in Cochrane. 

He says that Two Pharmacy was just one of the victims in a string of weekend thefts, and he's hoping that the security cam footage will help to bring awareness and deter further thefts in the Cochrane area.

"Talking to other businesses in town that also had thefts over the weekend. We heard from Shoppers, Safeway and Guy's Cafe also had a break-in," says Kimmett.  "It makes you wonder, are those all related to each other? Is that all the same person? That's where we thought, we have a picture of this person that stole from here, so if it helps to draw attention to that and deter other thefts."
Kimmett is asking anyone with any information about this crime to contact the local RCMP.