Customers of Two Pharmacy were welcomed into the store on Thursday by the entire staff dressed in three-piece-suits and ball gowns, all in celebration of three ladies who graduated high school this year.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Grace Harvey (Bow Valley High School), Nicole Gross (Cochrane High School) and Roisin Punch (Cochrane High School) were not able to attend a traditional grad ceremony, but Reid Kimmett, owner of Two Pharmacy wanted to make sure that his three staff members got the celebration they deserved “We have three really special ladies here that are graduating and we thought they deserve something special so we figured why not do a little graduation in the pharmacy. Most of them have been here for well over a year and they spent their school hours flip-flopping between here and their schoolwork and they've overcome a lot like a pandemic to get here so yeah, we just wanted to give them a pat on the back and recognize their work and say thank you.”

The three grads worked a normal shift well donned in beautiful grad dresses and white, pharmacist coats up until 3 pm when a ceremony was held. Grace Harvey says it was an amazing day, even if it was a little weird to work all dressed up. “Well, not gonna lie, it was a little awkward at first coming in my big pink ball gown, to a store full of customers who weren't super knowing what's going on, but as the day progressed and people are asking me questions and giving us congratulations, it's been really amazing. I'm super lucky to have the employers that we do, and for them to put something together like this.”

After a few speeches, which had the grads and all those attending tearing up and laughing out loud, Reid Kimmet approached each graduate and handed them something special. “We got Lindsay Leigh Kimmett’s, who is Reid’s late sister for who they started the Kimmett Foundation that memorializes her, We actually got her grad class valedictorian speech from 1999.” Grace explains.

“I think it’s incredible and of course it’s in the shape of a prescription form so that makes it even better,”