The U14 Cochrane Attacking Wolves boys soccer team brought home the silver from Cranbrook's Sam Steele tournament.

A U10-18 tournament brought out tons of players to show off their skills.

Edgar Perez, Coach of the Attacking Wolves says the boys really needed the win for encouragement.

"I think we needed this in order to come back to our own league and get that motivation and that mentality that they put into the tournament which was to play hard with their hearts and their minds rather than the skill."

Perez say the season thus far has been a trying one as the boys have moved up a tier.

"It has been a little rough, a bit of a learning experience for the boys, it hasn't been easy because of the rhythm and the pace of the game at this level. It's a lot faster."

Perez says many of the boys are new to this level of competition but their spirits are still high even if they aren't at the top of the league.

"They are holding their ground, fighting hard, they are playing smart and definitely putting their hearts into every single game and we are not at the top of the league like we were last year when we playing tier 3 but I think it's a great learning experience and the boys see it in the positive side."

Looking ahead Perez says this season will yield good results both in technical skill and sportsmanship.