The U16A Cochrane ringette team came together with one mission - feed as many Cochranites with $500 as possible.

“We wanted to find an activity for the girls to do that would make them work together as a team, learn something and do something good for the community.” explains Jennifer Janzen with the U16A Rockies “We did it last year, and refined it a bit this year and I think they had fun.”

The team was divided into two groups, each with a list of groceries and $250 donated by Bow River Chiropractic. The teens then set off to find the best deals, coupons, and sales to stretch their dollars to make sure their group collected the most food. 

“After an hour and a half, we met back at the United Church and we went through all of the groceries they bought and calculated points.  They bought everything from fresh produce to meat to non-perishables.”

The collected food was then donated to local organizations to be distributed to Cochranites in need.

“They brought the food to The Free Food Shed and then some of the non-perishables we took directly to the Cochrane Activettes Food Bank the next day."

Rockies 2U16A Cochrane Rockies posing with a stuffed Free Food Shed (Photo credit - Jennifer Janzen)

“They had a lot of fun. They learned how expensive groceries are and they felt good about giving back to the community.”