St. Andrew's United Church often plays host to community events like the weekly free lunch program, annual turkey suppers and great live music including an annual outdoor concert.

St. Andy's has hosted some noteworthy musicians over the years including Fred Penner and Valdy.

Rev. Ray Goodship says "Once a year over the last several years we've done our own thing with an outdoor concert on our property and it's evolved over the years. We got a grant this year from a Cochrane foundation to upscale it a little bit and make it a neighbourhood, concert party. We were going to have free food, some activities for the kids, a tent and all that kind of stuff."

But Goodship says with COVID-19 they had to rethink how they'd put the concert on. 

"With COVID we had to cancel or reimagine the event so we thought we would move it inside. I have a friend who streams events as a business, he goes all over the world doing this kind of stuff, so he gave us this smoking hot deal for us to put this together."

They've named the event Celebrate Cochrane and have several performers lined up including The Travelling Mabels. 

"The way it's looking is we'll have maybe seven performers and it'll be streamed on the Sunday, June 28, that evening and we'll have videos of local charities in between each act inserted in, up to two minutes to talk about the work that they're doing during this time."

Goodship says it's a tough time for local musicians who can't play in front of crowds right now. 

"I know a lot of the musicians are struggling, looking for opportunities to play and get out there because everything is pretty much shut down and all of the charities are busy trying to offer services so we thought we'd put the two together and do it locally."

All of the musicians are from the Cochrane and Calgary area. 

Celebrate Cochrane will be held on June 28.

The video will be available to watch on several platforms including the church's Facebook page and youtube channel.