Easter weekend is fast approaching and there is a twist on the classic Easter egg hunt happening this Friday. 

The Up-Cycled Easter Party starts at 10 a.m. Friday, April 15, 2022, in Riverfront Park, and kids are asked to bring toys that are in good, used condition. Those toys will be hidden throughout the area, and participants will be able to find a ‘new to them’ toy and give them a brand new home.

“I don't like the idea that everybody is shopping for more plastic that nobody wants. “ says event organizer, Crystal Blanchard. “I think kids will have fun poking around in their toy box and coming up with things that they want to give to other kids and it's in a way of trading more than it is bringing in more waste and more material items in our homes.”

Each child is asked to bring a basket and five small, upcycled toys to donate before heading out to find five toys themselves. The toys will be hidden in designated areas to make sure each child will find something age-appropriate. 

toysTime to up-cycle those toys!

The toy hunt is only one feature of what is sure to be a morning full of family fun, including an obstacle course, parachute games,  mascots, and more.

“I have a home-based preschool with a program called Artbeat Schoolhouse. I have whole amounts of obstacles to add to the Riverfront Park obstacles that are existing.”

The event fee is $20 per family, which also includes a professional family photo. To sign up and for more details, go here.