Calgary police have arrested two suspects believed to be involved in a multi-jurisdiction crime spree spanning from Cochrane, Didsbury, and Airdrie.

At approximately 10:30 Wednesday morning RCMP alerted Calgary police of a suspected stolen truck entering city limits, which was seen several times throughout the city and pursued by HAWCS Helicopters.

Calgary police were able to locate the stolen truck in 2000 block of 11 Avenue Southwest in the community of Sunalta.

An unarmed man and woman were arrested at the scene without incident.

Charges are pending against both the man and woman.



More on the timeline and detail of this story below:

Cochrane RCMP are investigating after an armed robbery in Gleneagles Estates this morning, which is believed to be connected to a multi-jurisdiction crime spree.

Around 7:25 RCMP were called to Gleneagles Estates Lane after a homeowner found a man inside his garage, who advised the homeowner he had a gun and threatened to use it.

The suspect then fled in a red or maroon Acura 4 door with Alberta licence plate ZHE 360, which was stolen from Airdrie, with a female passenger inside. 

The suspect is described as approximately 5'8 or 5'10 with darker skin and brown short hair. He had a lean face and body, and was wearing a faded black long sleeve shirt with dark jeans, and dark runners.

The female passenger in the stolen vehicle was Caucasian and had brunette wavy hair, and sunglasses.

It appears the garage which is attached to the home had been left open, a variety of sporting equipment was taken from the garage, including a bear hunting bow, a Gerber brush cutting tool (machete) with a black sheath, a rifle style pellet gun and a soft bow case containing a bow and practice arrows.

The homeowner managed to take pictures of the car the suspect fled in, the soft bow case is also visible in the pictures.

RCMP believe this occurrence is related to another vehicle theft in Cochrane, a break and enter at a rural property in Didsbury, and a home invasion in Airdrie.

Corporal Laurel Scott, Media Relations, RCMP K Division, says this multi-jurisdictional crime spree began in Cochrane a few days ago.

"It seems that this started in Cochrane, with some stolen vehicles, we're unsure if they are all connected, but certainly there is a stolen red Hummer that is connected to this," she says. "On July 25, the people in the stolen Hummer were involved with a break and enter in Didsbury, at residence in a rural area in Mountain View County."

Cpl. Scott says a female and a male confronted the Didsbury homeowner, and the male was armed with what appeared to be a sawed off shotgun.

"Some property was stolen, and they left in the stolen Hummer, they met up with another stolen vehicle which was a Ford F-250, which was taken nearby. They abandoned the hummer and left in the Ford F-250."

The suspects then went to Airdrie, where they were involved in a home invasion, and from that house they took the red Acura involved in this morning's armed robbery in Gleneagles.