UPDATE: Cochrane High has made the decision to cancel Matilda in light of COVID-19 concerns


Students at Cochrane High have been busy preparing for another musical and this time they are putting on Roald Dahl's, Matilda.

Over 80 students are involved in the performance from the pit band to the cast and crew. 

Grade 11 student Macaulay Petersen says it's all hands on deck and the team enjoy being there putting the show together. 

"Incredibly dedicated performers and I don't think anyone who goes in there goes in because they need an extra credit for graduation. I think people go in there because they want to act, they want to perform and it shows. You just see this raw dedication and it's magical. It's what brings these shows to life in the way that we do."

Bethany Deal Pra who is in Grade 11 says they put a lot of time and effort into the show.

"We practice for about two months and then the show starts. It's everyday you're memorizing your script, you're going through everything that you can do for the character. You're finding out that you're blocking, we're doing choreo as well so you're practicing that and also singing getting into the pit when we join with the pit band and you also have to re-learn the music to match pit band and stuff."

Grade 12 student Sydni Kinch says it's a great experience to be a part of. 

"I came into the program and just the energy with everyone bouncing off of people. It's become quite a joy and you're on stage and you'll just be messing around and then you get to the scene and there's so much energy and joy and you get to play with other characters and it's just the best experience."

Matilda runs from March 11-14. 

Cochrane High Drama teacher Dustin Whetton says they usually sell out so it's important to get your tickets early. 

You can purchase tickets on eventbrite for reserved seating or you can buy tickets at the door.