We are wrapping up Fireside Pharmacy’s Backpack Of Cash Tuesday morning by DOUBLING the prize. 

For weeks, CochraneNow and Fireside Pharmacy has been handing out free, one hundred dollar bills to the first person to show up and honk at the CochraneNow cruiser while parked out front of one of Cochrane’s schools. Tomorrow is your last opportunity to unpack free money from the backpack of cash, so we might as well stuff it! There will be double the winners tomorrow, the first person to show up gets $150 and second place leaves with a $50 bill.

Want a leg up on the competition? Here is a clue to where we will be tomorrow.

Seven letters are all it takes

To spell the school with no mistakes.

Be the first to find us there

and become Cochrane’s next hundredaire.

Be listening to Candace Davies on Tuesday at 11:45 am on 91.5 FM to find out exactly where we will be so you can be first!

*Please stay in your vehicle and honk*