Getting back to normal life is all about getting Albertans vaccinated says, Premier Kenney.

In the race between the vaccine and variants right now, the variants are winning. The third wave is hitting Alberta hard.

Kenney says we are in a transition period in which the Step 1 restrictions are trying to hold the spread of variants at bay while the vaccine rollout ramps up.

To date, over 850,000 doses have been administered and the current transition period is seeing about 22% of residents vaccinated.

“Once the vaccines beat the variants, we get our freedom back.” says the Premier.

At the moment, the province is on track to have one-quarter of Albertans immunized in the coming weeks.

By the end of May, the projection is to have one-half of the population immunized which would mean lifting some gathering restrictions with protocols in place.

If by June, two-thirds of Albertans are immunized, there will be no restrictions with masking and distancing encouraged but not enforced.

Mid-September the hope is to have three-quarters of Albertans having protective immunity and would mean a full recovery.

In the past week, half a million doses of vaccine have arrived and another quarter of a million are expected by next week.

Distribution including rapid flow clinics in Calgary and Edmonton will see up to 1000 shots administered per hour with up to 6000 doses per day.

The initiative is supported by hundreds of health care workers. Currently, 1,300 pharmacies are on board with doctor clinics also stepping up. The goal is to see 300,000 doses administered per week moving up to 500,000 per week if the flow of vaccine continues.  

Alberta is expecting 119,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, every week, until early June at which time it is supposed to jump to 225,000 doses per week.  More Moderna is expected along with the one-shot Johnson and Johnson supposedly coming in early May.

Kenney promises that as more vaccine arrives, the rollout will increase. Starting today with the opening of the large rapid flow clinics in Calgary and Edmonton. Also, select pharmacies will be allowing walk-in shots for eligible 55-64-year-old Albertans for the AstraZeneca vaccine.