There are no bells, no morning announcements, or students in hallways, but classes continue to be lead afar by teachers.

Among them is 33-year teaching veteran Rob McNab who is instructing online from his home office to steady the ship through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Besides sport performance courses, which have been sidestepped, for now, he leads 78 students in Math 10 at the Cochrane High School.

"Right now, we're focused on academics. I'm online with kids, posting assignments, posting videos, conferencing with them, just doing all those things."

"It's all brand new to me because for 33 years I've been a classroom teacher, and now there are no kids here. So it's been really odd."

He says he's made the adjustment.

Having that prior contact with students in classrooms and the hallways has certainly made the adjustment easier.

"I pride myself on having a good relationship with kids. So this has been difficult for me and other teachers to not see them in the hallways and classrooms. But I'm online, I can see their faces, answers questions. I haven't been in contact with them all visually, but I have by email."

"I'm just doing the best I can, and assure them we'll get through this. Slow down and relax, and I'll help you everywhere I can."

He says the parents have been very supportive, and he appreciates the challenges they face in homeschooling their children.

"It's tough on parents because of the uncertainty there, but I think they're getting through it."

"I'm getting a lot of positive feedback, so that's always nice to hear."

"I think the most important thing is that all households are going through this differently, and to just be patient, support each other, and make sure you're safe. Those are the most important things; the school will take care of itself."

Earlier this week, Rocky View Schools launched phase 1 of its continuity plan. Phase 2 will be launch on Apr. 6. 

Provincewide, new guidelines have been put in place to allow students to continue their education from home.