If it has been awhile since you have been in a new school you will be amazed at what the future of education looks like.

The last time Cochrane experienced a brand new school was in 2001 when Bow Valley High opened it's doors. The new 7300 square metre RancheView School makes learning look good. Bright, open, sliding glass walls, and learning lounges to encourage collaborative thinking and learning, are all part of the design.

RancheView School was one of three brand new Rocky View Schools set to open this fall, and even though slightly delayed, students in grades K-7 will finally be reunited under one roof as of October 12.

In a sneak peak, Cochrane Now, was able to wander the halls and get a feel of what learning in the 21st Century looks like.

RancheView, Administrator, Sharon Cronin is pleased to finally have everyone together; staff, students, and parents.

"I am really excited about having all the students under one roof, our focus has been really to build this RancheView community and to create a strong community and having everyone here is going to allow us to make those connections."

Collaboration will be a huge focus for Cronin, stating the sliding glass walls will remain open more than closed.

"Keep those walls open and instead of one classroom being able to work one teacher, one group of kids; we open it up and have two classes working at those grade levels being able to work together."

For Cronin, learning done together is a huge bonus to setting students up to eventually enter the workforce, though she is mindful of those that work better independently.

"We recognize some students need to work on an individual basis and they will always have that kind of choice; the way the desks can be set up in groups that offers up an invitation to collaborate together and work together, but we can also set some aside to honour the difference every learner brings to the classroom."

If you are new, to the new age of learning, this is the wave of the future.

"Several minds working together generates even more ideas and that is the whole thinking behind collaboration."

Once settled RancheView will invite stakeholders, council, RVS staff, government officials, and community members to attend the official grand opening on March 23, 2017.


RancheView Opens Early