Alberta musician Corb Lund has re-released a song from his past to help fight coal mining on the eastern slopes.

He says sometimes art imitates life and sometimes it's the other way around and that's the way it is with the song This Is My Prairie.

"The song I wrote ten or 12 years ago was a work of fiction basically and I realized since this coal thing has reared its head the song, almost line for line has come true," said Lund.

He says some of the other Canadian country music stars on the song have supported his stand in the past so he decided to reach out to them and they were willing to help out.

They include Terri Clark, Brett Kissel, Paul Brandt, and Armond Duck Chief.

Lund gives a great deal of the credit for fighting against the proposed mines to local farmers, ranchers and to High River mayor Craig Snodgrass who's spearheaded the municipal effort against the mines.

"There's a lot of good people working on it, I feel I'm just the mouthpiece because I happen to have the platform to make people aware of these things but there's a bunch of biologists and conservationists and people like Craig who are involved in municipal politics, and even a guy who was involved in writing the original coal policy with Premier (Peter) Lougheed in the 70's who's helping us and the ranchers who first brought me to this, they're good people."

Any proceeds from the song will go to the local groups fighting against allowing the coal mining to go through.

The coal policy committee is to hand in its report to the provincial government November 15.