Cochrane Medieval Day was a huge success.

Event goers young and old stepped back in time to an era where kings and queens ruled the land. 

Event organizer Gail Ames says the she was thrilled with the first year results.

"It turned out to be an awesome day, the weather cooperated, everybody seemed to have a really great time."

Ames shares feedback was positive and many attendees not only dressed the part but thoroughly enjoyed the battle scenes.

"Everybody's biggest thing was the knights and the vikings that was the big, big draw. The actual fighting part was neat, and the vikings let the kids beat on them with pool noodles which was awesome and the knights actually let some of the kids dress up in what they call 'soft kit' to protect them."

Mayor Ivan Brooker even swapped his crown for more protective head gear and stepped into the arena to showcase his sword fighting skills.

The Cochrane Public Library will definitely host another Medieval Day in 2017, with talks of possible expansion.

In the end it did what the the library was hoping it would, bring awareness to the 'gem' in the central part of town.

"The things we had inside were also a big draw; we had a lady playing the harp, a lady spinning wool, and also a puppet theatre so those things brought people inside. It brought people into our new space and got them aware of what we do in there."