Cochrane Now staff stepped out of the office and into the kitchen to prepare and serve a community lunch.

Every Tuesday, St. Andrew's United Church serves up a community lunch for anyone wishing to attend; the program is in it's second year and offers a menu which includes hot soup, buns, cookies, and beverages.

Reverend Ray Goodship says it's an opportunity to provide community, friendship, and a hot meal for those in need.

"Nobody knows if somebody's there because they need companionship, or they're lonely, or if they need a meal why they're there...they're just there. A lot of friendships have been built over the months we have run it."

Lunch is served every Tuesday from noon until 1, and on average sees anywhere from 35-60 attendees. Lunch is available to anyone and everyone with no strings attached.

St. Andrew's identity is based on community, and Goodship says they are wanting to be known as a missional church not as church that does mission work on the side.

"Everything we do we are trying to connect with folks, build relationships, and just be a caring, warm place for people to go."

If your business would like to volunteer to cook and serve, you can contact Rev. Goodship at 403-932-2585.