The Cochrane Movie House is all about community.

More than just bringing the magic of the movies to Cochrane, the local business was established in 1998 and continues to keep all generations entertained.

Nicole Copses, Cochrane Movie House, Manager, says she has been working there for the past 15 years and while she has seen thousands of movies come and go, the one thing that does not waiver is the dedication the Movie House has to the community.

The Movie House not only does red carpet events; but also hosts fundraisers for community groups, organizations and schools.

Copses says red carpet events like the one held on July 28, premiering 'Bad Moms', is a fun way for them to show all that they offer.

"Something different, something fun to do, something that raises awareness that we are more than just showing movies. We can have parties, have fun, do all kinds of different things."

Red carpet events are held for not only women but families as well, and all are themed from the appetizers to sideline entertainment.

The Cochrane Movie House is a huge community supporter and is well loved by the community it represents.

Winning a 2014 and 2016 Cochrane Community Award for being the best employer as well as best business, many residents recognize all they do for the community and different fundraising initiatives they are a part of.

"It is good to give back to the community, we are a part of the town, fundraisers are part of the town. It is nice to be able to offer something to give back. We all live in the community, we all take part in the community, our kids do the sports- we try to be part of it as much as possible."

While expansion is probably unlikely, the Movie House will continue to bring the latest technology to the big screen.

To find out what is playing at the movies, check here.