A season of remembering is upon us.

This year in 50 local Cochrane businesses, you'll notice changes to the boxes housing poppies making them theft deterrent and more secure.

Alex Baum, owner of Cochrane Toyota, says he wanted to do something to keep the money collected out of thieves hands. So Baum collaborated with 'Cowboy' Dan Kroffat, a retired Canadian professional wrestler, members of the Cochrane Legion, and EGB Manufacturing to come up with a redesigned steel box which will be secured to the counter by a cable.

“When they go to grab these things and run they don't get away with them so that started this idea of building a strong box that fit into their current poppy flower baskets.”

Baum adds the only people with access are the vets themselves.

“The vets will install them and then monitor them to make sure they are not stolen and see if funds go up as compared to last year. We're hoping that both will happen. It's secure and it encourages people to donate.”

Running as a pilot project this fall, if positive results are seen they hope to see the new anti-theft ones pop up across Canada.