Student-athletes have experienced more than a year of hurdles in their training and competition goals.

To help fill the void, the Alberta Schools' Athletic Association (ASAA) has launched a virtual track and field challenge for Alberta junior and senior high school athletes.

Junior and senior high school students, along with coaches and mascots, are submitting their best performances in running, jumping, and throwing events from the comfort and safety of their local field or backyard.

Students will use the website and app to share their performances and see how well their competitors are doing. They can compete from anywhere - at school or at home - so that nobody is left out.

Just like in a typical ASAA track & field championship, there are categories for para-athletes and Special Olympics Unified Sports teams. Prizes will be awarded to schools with the highest percentage of students participating.

To be cleared, the schools aren't holding practices or competitions.

The competitions open until June 11.

Here are the key components.

  1. Registration is Free
  2. Events can be completed at home, school, local field - students on their own. The Alberta Government is allowing outdoor sports up to 10 people starting June 1
  3. There are many events to choose from (including a 5km to compensate for no XC this year) and events for mascots/coaches
  4. The school at each classification level (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A) that has the highest percentage of its student population that enters results in the challenge will receive a Nike apparel prize pack from Athletics Canada.
  5. Random draws from entries will be made for various prizing from ASAA.

You can find the links you need to participate here.