As of May 11 2017, Walmart introduced their new Canadian AAA Angus Beef Program.

Walmart released a statement saying this will signal a further commitment from the retailer in offering top quality, fresh meats, and produce at affordable prices.

Fred Taylor, who’s in charge of grading services at Cargill Foods and the new Harmonie Beef Plant in Balzac says, since the program is strictly AAA, it's a very large and difficult order to fill.

"So here's another big chain dipping into the AAA market. I have preached for many years, there will never be an abundance of AAA cattle that there isn't a sale for."

He adds, Walmart has stepped up to the plate or matched some of the other high end retail stores.

In the future, Taylor expects the spread between prices in AAA cattle and AA cattle to increase.

Walmart Canada operates 410 stores across the country, serving 1.2 million customers each day.