It's still a little early for canola seeding. 

That according to Justine Cornelsen with the Canola Council of Canada. 

"We're still likely a few weeks out of canola seeding in Manitoba...We've still got some really cool soil temperatures. We're getting in a bunch of those other crops so I know a lot of operations started with their cereals this week or are getting some of their pulses down." 

She says soil temperatures should be over 5 or 6 degrees to seed canola. 

"We want it to emerge quickly out of the ground, so the warmer the soil temperature you can get, the better off...If you're able to put it in the ground at over eight degrees, you'll have that canola emerge within a one to two-day period. So you get it up and out of the ground really quick, and that's when it has moisture as well. So this year, obviously that's going to be our limiting factor."