Kids tried their hand at several sports and activities, thanks to the return of Sport4Life's Try It Day.

Organizers also heard how some parents are interested in similar events for themselves.

Held in conjunction with the Spray Lake Sawmills Sports Centre and several local sporting organizations on June 12, there were 455 sports spots, 12 sports featured, and over 200 families participating, says Sport4Life vice-president Ashley Fox.

She says it was a resounding success.

"We heard from the parents that it's really helpful for families who are looking to engage in sports. For the kids, man, just big sweaty faces, smiles, and hopefully they even made a couple of new friends or gained some confidence throughout the day as well."

She says parents were pleased to hear some sports organizations already offer try-out windows before a full commitment is required.

"I think that try-out mentality is something we'll continue to see not only on days like this but maybe by more sports in the future so we'll have more entry points into sport in Cochrane."

It's not just kids interested in these try-it events, either.

"One thing that will surprise you is parents said, OK, what about me? I'd like to try some new things and so I know in partnership with Spray Lakes, who is such a great host and we're so grateful to them, we'll look at doing things like women's night, date night, and try it night for adults."

The last Try It Day for youth was held in 2019 and it will continue on at least an annual basis.