More indoor pickleball tournaments are following close on the steps of a successful one held in late March.

Bill Cooper, coordinator of an indoor pickleball group, has indoor tournaments scheduled for June 24, July 22, and Aug. 26 at the SLS Family Sports Centre.

"We'd like to widen the scope of players, possibly bringing people from out of town for the day or an evening," says Cooper.

By doing so, he hopes to demonstrate the value of pickleball events and their potential economic impact.

There'll be three tiers of competitive--novice, advanced and competitive--in men's, ladies, doubles, and mixed doubles.

He's also adding a social event that wasn't held during the inaugural tournament.

"Adding a social component so people can get together and get to know each other just makes the game that much better."

Regular indoor play now takes place Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the curling centre and can accommodate up to eight courts for large events. Cooper also provides training sessions a week for beginners and skill development.

He's added a pickleball machine to help players improve their swings and shots. The speed, interval, and loft are all adjustable and it's capable of holding upwards of 100 balls,

"If you hit off 100 balls at a relatively quick interval, it's a good workout."

To register for any of the tournaments or learn more about the indoor program, email