Following months of preparation, Cochrane's Jassi Trimming is en route to Los Angeles today (July 22) to represent Alberta in the Miss Filipina International Pageant.

Wellwishers gathered at Bubble Tea Brewers on July 20, and yesterday she visited with Philippine Consulate General Zaldy Patron at the Calgary consulate.

"I am so excited," says Jassi.  "I have everything ready, everything's packed, I've practiced the last few weeks. My feet have blistered, but I think I'm ready for the competition."

Pageant Week begins Saturday and the contestants have six days of preparation before the two-day Coronation begins at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Centre.

Among her preparations here, Jassi has made appearances in promotional videos for Philippines Airlines and ChimeTV and will be appearing in at least one more.

"It's been wonderful. I recommend it to every young person who wants to do it. It certainly boosts your confidence and it's a great experience."

The Coronation Night is expected to be streamed live on Facebook. Jassi is contestant #19.

Jassi with Consultate GeneralJassi visited Philippine Consulate General Zaldy Patron in Calgary yesterday with Mila Prout. (Photo/Mike Bautista)