Game in, game out, the moms of the U11T4G Cochrane Rockies faithfully filled the stands to cheer loud and proud for their favourite hockey team.

That isn't unique, but the new fun way they added to charge the atmosphere for playoffs certainly was.

In addition to wearing home and away jerseys, they added photo placards of their favourite player or coach (or both) to up the cheering. 

It all started with one of the moms showing up with a photo placard of her son, explains team manager Victoria Kreutz. The innovation was an instant hit with the gang.

"So we looked at doing them for the whole team because it didn't take very long and we knew we were heading to playoffs. It's been an awesome little thing."

Even the wife of one of the team's coaches added a twist by having one made with his baby picture.

"We have a lot of fun with it, and our kids are pretty good about it. I don't know if anyone loves their headshot, but it's been awesome."

The dads, well, it doesn't appear to be their thing.

"They kind of sit on one side and all the moms sit together with our jerseys and our faces. I don't know if that's because they don't want to be in the same group, or if we're just too loud."

Loud they are, and when their team scores, their cheers reverberate through the entire Cochrane Arena.

While this season is over, many of the moms would like to continue to bring the faces to future games.

"As they get older, we were thinking of going back and getting their headshots from when they're in peewees or their Timbit years, so that will be fun."

Before you know it, another hockey season will begin, and when it does, will we see more of the photo placards? Are these moms trendsetters?

Time will tell.