Cochrane area seniors wrapped up their biggest Seniors Week ever with a Stroll by the Bow on June 12, led by Martin Parnell, the Marathon Man.

The day before they enjoyed some MacKay's ice cream at the Family and Support Services office in downtown Cochrane.

It was Cochrane's largest-ever Seniors Week, with a variety of activities and events offered daily from June 5 to 11, thanks to many community partners.

"We were hoping that the rain was going to hold off and we've been lucky so far," said  Hillary Cornelius Stormon, the town's community liaison and programmer for older adults, as the stroll began. "We said, let's go ahead, we're going to have our last event and finish off Seniors Week with a bang, and not lightning."

It was the first time since the pandemic struck that a full-scale event could be held, and it was greeted warmly.

"It was a fantastic week, and it was so great to see everybody coming out again. People have really been struggling through COVID, so it's been really nice that we've been able to celebrate together and see the smiles on the faces of so many people. We've had a blast the whole week."