"We're going to fire it up on 70 per cent nitromethane, and make sure everybody's awake in Cochrane," promised 'The Kid'.

Five hundred dollars worth of fuel later, he kept his word, and it was indeed loud.

Brant Inglis, of Inglis Speed Co., brought his treasured vintage Blaylock & Johnson A/FD drag racer to the Fall Colours Show & Shine in the Historic Downtown, Sept. 11.

Paul Blaylock and Dave Johnson ran the car out of Seattle in 1963-64, he explains.

"It's not legal to run anymore, but it is restored to exactly how it ran in 1964 to show the history of how drag racing has evolved.

"In 1964, the top time on this car was 8.19 seconds in the quarter-mile at about 198 mph. Nowadays, the same class of car is running in the three-second range in the same distance at 330-340 mph."

This drag racer was on his 'must have' list since he first saw a 1963 video of it on the Speed Channel. He chased the history on it for about 10 years and has owned it for seven.

He came across it in a friend's collection, recognizing it from the unique spades on the back of the roll cage.

"I made him a deal on it. He was nice enough to take payments on it, 'cause I'm a poor broke kid that couldn't afford it, but he knew it was going to go to a good home. Once I got it, I spent two years on its restoration and we're here to show how the sport has evolved."

Using slang from days gone by, he says it was the "baddest car" at the time.

The Kid brings it to about 10 to 15 shows a year but rarely fires it up. At $500 for a four-minute engine run, it's understandable. The specialized fuel currently costs about US$70 per gallon.

He has three other nostalgic cars. He's currently restoring two of them and one has been completed. He also has several street cars. One is a 1926 Model T Roadster that was rebuilt like a hot rod before the Second World War with a 1938 Ford flathead V8 engine.

"It's built just like a kid in high school would have built it before he went off to war."

Inglis Speed Co. is a western Canadian speed memorabilia merchant based out of Calgary.

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