The Station at Cochrane Crossing is set to open on Nov. 14, but before then, residents got a sneak peek at the cutting-edge, multi-purpose centre on Nov. 8.

That same day, the at-grade pedestrian crossing was opened to connect the new downtown to the Historic Downtown.

Mayor Jeff Genung said town council wanted it to be more than a transit hub. They wanted to create a place where people could connect for several reasons.

Drew Hyndman, executive director of Development and Infrastructure Services, believes The Station will be a game changer for downtown Cochrane.

"I think this is going to be a transformational change for downtown," says Hyndman, "not only the connection to downtown but the potential for investment. I think this is leading infrastructure where a number of different opportunities will emerge."

Greg and DrewGreg Barsi, town manager of corporate properties and fleet services, with Drew Hyndman, executive director of Development and Infrastructure Services.

Greg Barsi is the town manager of corporate properties and fleet services, and played a major role in The Station's development.

"I'm thrilled to have it open and what I'm most excited about is to see the community interested in the building," says Barsi. "It's been a long process to come up with a design and actually deliver this, so it's a very happy day for me."

He believes the biggest benefit it holds is its accessibility.

"I think that there's a lot of services that will be offered now centrally. People won't need to go all the way up to the RancheHouse for most of the administrative services. We do have the technology here to be able to host virtual meetings with anybody from our administration. We also have an excellent incubator here to develop local business and I'm excited to see that start to happen."

Adjacent to the building is a civic plaza and green space that will be a place for people to gather. Mayor Genung says an outdoor skating rink will be added in the future. Public art will also be included and is currently in the selection process.

Ribbon cuttingMayor Jeff Genung snips the ribbon, joined by some members of town council.