With a rainfall warning in effect and the potential for heavy rainfall amounts, the Town of Cochrane is closely monitoring water levels. 

The Town has begun preparations for the anticipated precipitation by lowering levels in the stormwater ponds.

Parks staff are monitoring pathways and will be proactive in closing paths if there is overland flooding. 

Residents are being urged to avoid riverbanks and low-lying areas and to keep children and pets away from fast-moving water. 

It is advised for residents to take some precautions including:

  • Move your valuables and documents out of your basement if you are situated in a low-lying area.
  • Ensure your sump pump and backflow valve are working. 
  • Check your swale for debris or blockages.
  • Ensure downspouts aren't blocked and pointed away from the building foundation.

Fire Inspector Jeff Avery says, "It is better to be proactive right now and get ready just in case something happens instead of waiting and getting caught that way. But we are monitoring everything really closely."