Temperatures in Cochrane have been in the high 20's for days now, and this afternoon we're expected to hit the 30-degree mark.

Typically these high temperatures and thunderstorms go hand in hand, but Environment Canada Meteorologist, Dan Kulak says that there's a pretty low risk for any active weather over the next few days.

Kulak says "Basically that transition period when you go from those really high temperatures into somewhat cooler temperatures is usually when you get those severe weather outbreaks. Really we're looking for some stable weather actually at least for the first little while. Maybe a little later in the week, we might get into more of a stormy environment."

Kulak says that when temperatures reach this high, there is an added risk for heatstroke and dehydration, and he recommends drinking plenty of water and taking breaks often if you're working outdoors.

He says "Try to stay hydrated and stay as much as you can out of the heat. If you have to be in the heat, keep an eye on each other and take frequent breaks. Sun exposure and sunstroke are a possibility when these things happen as well so keep an eye on everybody, seek shelter, take rest and try to enjoy things."

The daytime high for today is 30 degrees and that will feel more like 32 with the humidex.  Today's UV index is very high at eight, increasing the risk of developing sunburn; so a good reminder to frequently apply sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

Temperatures in Cochrane are expected to remain in the mid to high 20's all week long.