It was a wet weekend in Cochrane, as it saw more rain than it had for the first half of July, in just three days.

Since July 13, the closest weather centre to Cochrane at Canada Olympic Park saw 71.2 mm of rain; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday accounted for 62.2 mm of that.

Prior to this weekend the area only received 65.8 mm of rain for all of July combined.

Not only was there tons of rain, funnel clouds were widespread across Southern Alberta.

Dan Kulak, meteorologist with Environment Canada says the majority of funnel clouds weren't a concern, however, one caused a EF0 tornado.

"Funnel clouds by their definition are not in contact with the ground and do not cause damage. We are confirming that a funnel cloud did contact the ground near Okotoks, and did some damage to a property out there."

EF0 tornadoes can have winds of up to 137 km/h, and can cause light damage.

Kulak says Cochrane is in for some drier conditions this week, but the possibility of severe thunderstorms will continue for the next few days.

"We're getting into more of a heated environment, we do have some unsettled conditions in the forecast for Cochrane for the next few days here, but we should dry out a little bit by Thursday."

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