The Western Grains Research Foundation has announced a  $1.5 million dollar investment in Graduate Scholarships at the University of Manitoba, the University of Alberta, and the University of Saskatchewan. 

WGRF Board Chair Terry Young says over the next five years they will be investing $300,000 per year in Graduate Scholarships.

Mary Buhr, Dean of the University of Saskatchewan says WGRF’s increase in scholarships speaks to their commitment to invest in agriculture through supporting our future scientists and leaders.

Young says WGRF has made it a priority to increase research capacity in Western Canada, this increase in funding towards graduate scholarships will help support the training of highly qualified professionals that can move into research or other positions impacting western Canadian crop production.

Dr. Stanford F. Blade from the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences with the University of Alberta. says this investment by western Canadian farmers will build a stronger future for agriculture by unleashing the curiosity and creativity of our graduate students during their studies and throughout their careers.

The scholarships are available to students pursuing their Masters or Ph.D. in any of WGRF's priority research areas. 

Martin Scanlon, Dean of the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences says they are grateful for initiatives such as the Western Grains Research Foundation Graduate Scholarship program, which supports new researchers in their studies on cropping systems and sets them on a path to success in Western Canada and beyond.