Cochranites have been treated to mild temperatures above the freezing mark for the last four days and that trend is expected to linger for the rest of this week.

While these temperatures may seem above seasonal for this time of the year, Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist, Terri Lang says that they are actually right on par.

"We're trying to get towards spring so we're seeing a lot of variations in the weather patterns," says Lang. "Once you kind of get that cold arctic air out of the way, that allows for this variability. We  still have some systems moving through which is why we're seeing that up and down over the next couple of days."

Cochrane is actually at risk of a thunderstorm tomorrow, which also seems to be an anomaly for this time of the year. Lang says that while thunderstorms are typically linked to the summer months, signs show that the atmosphere is capable of producing a thunderstorm in Cochrane this week.

"It's unusual to see thunderstorms in February but certainly not unheard of," says Lang. "It certainly isn't a very often occurrence that we see so it's kind of a neat byproduct about this weather pattern. I think it kind of keeps people on their toes."  

Here in Southern Alberta, we have grown accustomed to fluctuating weather keeping us on our toes. The rest of the province is also seeing its fair share of out-of-the-ordinary conditions this week. Northern Alberta actually reported lightning yesterday (February 21) and lightning also struck in Central Alberta this morning (February 22).

Although we are seeing a noticeable shift in temperatures and conditions as we inch closer to the spring, those deep-freeze temperatures may not be a thing of the past. Lang says that there aren't any current models that suggest minus 30 temperatures in the very near future but she says to 'never say never.'

"We can see those really cold temperatures even well into March, they can shift so easily," says Lang. "We're going to see a cool down towards the end of the week, certainly it's going to feel a lot colder, certainly not record-breaking temperatures or anything like that but people will notice that it will be much colder."

For now, Cochranites can continue to enjoy the milder temperatures throughout the week, and who knows? We may even get to take in a light show!