There's a lot of inconveniences right now and virtually everyone has had to change up their day-to-day as we deal with this COVID-19 pandemic. 

A lot of us are trying to focus on the positives during this time and I am definitely thankful for the extra time I get to have with my kids. 

With two parents working full-time and kids in school and involved in several extra-curricular activities it's hard to squeeze in family time. 

Weekdays are busy and it's usually a mad scramble to get dinner on the table, get homework done and get kids to bed.

Weekends are usually spent with one parent taking one kid to an activity, sport or birthday party and the other parent doing the same thing with the other kid. 

I am grateful for the extra time with my family and we've been lucky enough to have great weather so far so we can get out and have some fun. 

What are you thankful for these days?

Let us know by posting a photo or sending us a photo and a note - 

- Lauren