Mother's Day has sneaked up on us once again this year and it has a lot people (including myself) scrambling for last minute gift ideas for the special mom in our life. 

But it got me thinking in this time of COVID-19 and isolation, how differently Mother's Day will look this year. 

Mom's won't be able to visit with their own mothers or aging grandmothers. 

We won't be able to go to restaurants for a Mother's Day brunch and we won't be able to hit the spa or get our nails done as a way to relax and get pampered.

I love all of those things but I'm okay with a quiet, low-key day at home with my family (much like every other weekend we've had for the past two months). 

My nails look terrible, I could use a hair cut and I'm definitely tired of cooking and coming up with meal ideas. 

As a real treat this Sunday it would be nice to sleep in (not hard to do since I wake up at 4 a.m. on weekdays), have breakfast made for me and spend the day with my family enjoying the beautiful town we live in. 

What do you want this Mother's Day?

~ Lauren