Oh live music, how we miss you.

It’s nice to see smaller shows are starting to show up more and more, not only around Cochrane but in the surrounding area as well, but I really do miss those huge arena shows. The superstar band on stage singing your favorite song, the lights, the fireworks and I am even starting to miss the crowds (almost).

The last concert I saw before the pandemic shut the world down was Eric Church on his Double Down Tour, and it ended with regret. The selling point of this tour was that Church was going to perform two different shows back to back. To get the full experience, you needed to go to both shows.

Being big fans of Eric Church,  my wife and I got tickets to both nights. The first show was amazing, but we decided to sell the tickets (for face value) for the second night. Our logic was we would have money to go to another show later. Needless to say, we should have gone to the second show.

What was the last concert you went to? Tell us about the night and send us some pictures! You can let us know on our Facebook page or send it here.