It is officially the first day of fall and pretty much everyone associates one flavour with this season, pumpkin spice. Everything from lattes and chocolate to even pumpkin spice kraft dinner (no, I'm not joking). 

One year, I was on the hunt for as much pumpkin spice flavoured things as possible. I even had friends and family who traveled across the border to bring me back stuff you couldn't find here, like pumpkin spiced Hershey Kisses and M&M's (both were NOT good). 

I have since calmed down on the pumpkin spice hunting, but I'm still driven to try the weirder stuff that has the pumpkin spice tagline. 

What is the absolutely last thing that should be pumpkin spiced? My answer would have to honestly be kraft dinner. Let us know on our Facebook page or drop us a note here.