Cleaning and doing chores isn't generally high on the "fun" list for most people. 

I try to stick to a routine of cleaning the kitchen everyday, doing at least one load of laundry and most days I try to do one extra thing like clean a bathroom, tidy up the living room or clean a closet just to stay on top of things in my home. 

I find if I don't do this, the mess becomes overwhelming very quickly. (I like a very clean house)

I don't mind doing most chores. One thing that rarely happens in my house though, is cleaning out my fridge. I despise it. It's so much work to take out every single item. Wash every single shelf and drawer and then find the appropriate place for all the food again. It never fits in properly again. Ugh I dread it. It doesn't get done very often. 

What's that one household chore that you just can't handle doing?

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~ Lauren