When I was a kid I would beg my parents to buy prepackaged snacks, but the answer was always no. 

I was the kid who never had anything in her school lunch that required taking it out of a package.

The exception was at Halloween, when I would load my lunch kit up with all of the wonderful chips, chocolate bars and candy. It was like Christmas for me!

I would try to sneak treats into the shopping cart when I was out grocery shopping with my parents. But they always found them and my trickery never worked out for me.

I used to love Wagon Wheels. I thought they were the best combination of chocolate, marshmallows and cookie.

Recently we bought some for the kids to try. No surprise that they love them!

I tried a bite the other day, and I could barely even finish that bite. Yuck! Not a fan of marshmallows as an adult and the chocolate just tasted artificial. My taste for chocolate has become a lot more refined the older I get.

Did you love something as a kid and now you can't stand the thought of eating it? Let me know.

~ Lauren