After a long stretch of Cochrane being one of the coldest places on Earth, we finally get a break this week! A chinook has rolled into town and how do you plan on enjoying it?

weatherIn December, Cochrane managed to snag the 10th coldest place on Earth. 

With the announcement of the downtown skating rink opening this past weekend, I hope to sharpen up those skates and take the family down to enjoy a nice evening or two. Even though I have skated before..I still need to learn how to stop. 

If you see me on the rink, best to steer clear.

It's the first day of the warm weather and I have already spotted plenty of toboggans, cross-country skiers and of course, dozens of dogs doing the happy dance as they can now spend longer than two minutes outside. 

What’s the best way to take advantage of the melting snow and warming sun?

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