Farmers are calling for more action from the Federal Government given the ongoing and future impact that we could see with COVID-19.

Ottawa increased the lending capacity for Farm Credit Canada this week in an effort to help farmers.

Darryl Fransoo, a director with the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, says it’s absolutely imperative that we keep trucks, trains, and boats rolling.

“I’d like to see something done on that front. Obviously, our inland terminals, our ports are very important. So a little news on how we can keep that rolling I think would be way more beneficial than any handouts they could deliver to farmers right now.”

The Wheat Growers also want to see Ottawa drop its plan to increase the carbon tax as of April 1st.

Fransoo says the Federal Government is looking at increasing the carbon tax from $20 to $30 a tonne noting it’s already a tax that hurts farmers' bottom line, as well as consumers at the grocery store.

“It's going to happen where they're going to raise the tax by 50%. That's detrimental. You know right now with the Canadian economy facing the challenges that we are. We’re really calling on the federal government, to at least not bump it up. A tax increase is foolish right now.

Fransoo says with the economic crisis we are in he would like to see Ottawa eliminate the Carbon Tax.