Many Cochranites enjoyed an extended camping season well into October this year but it’s time to put the recreational vehicles/trailers away for the winter.

October 31, 2022, is the deadline for residents to move their recreational vehicles to winter storage, ensuring the vehicle is removed from the driveway or street parking. 

Peace Officer with the Town of Cochrane, Bob Hope says there are many options if you plan on keeping your vehicle close to home. “You can put them in your yard, your side yard of the house, or a flanking front yard.”

The bylaw pertains to various recreational vehicles including RV’s, travel trailers, fifth wheels, tent trailers, utility trailers, boats (and other water crafts) along with the trailers.

Unmoved vehicles can lead to a visit from one of Cochrane’s Peace Officers. “We'll come around, we'll knock on the door, to ask for it moved. If you don't move it, it leaves us with a little choice but to go down the enforcement route which is either a $250 bylaw fine or a $500 specified penalty.”

Vehicles should be kept off the street and driveways until camping season returns to Cochrane on May 1, 2023.