Angus is one of the best branded cattle breeds in the world. The breed has been so well marketed, consumers automatically associate Angus with quality.

Kajal Devani, with the Canadian Angus Association, says Angus genetics provide an excellent foundation for cross breeding.

"When you start off with an Angus base for your genetics, and the Angus cow is renowned to be an efficient cow and a good mothering cow, you end up with a really profitable product. I think that's what's attracting a lot of producers to brand their genetics as Angus."

In order to brand as Angus, at least 50 percent of the animal's genetics must be Angus.

The potential to marble is genetic in cattle, and Angus is known to have some of the best marbling genetics.

Devani adds, all members of the beef industry, including producers, feedlots, retailers, and consumers, have an appreciation for these genetics.

There's lots of emphasis on Angus beef in retail stores, because of the fantastic eating experience the breed provides.