You have probably noticed that the sky has once again turned to an orangy glow and a blanket of haze.

As the wildfire situation continues to escalate in the Western United States, as well as parts of B.C, the smoke has once again made its way over the Rockies.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Blane Lowry says that while we haven't been seeing the effects of those fires consistently, a change in weather patterns is bringing that smoke to our area once again.

He says "As the fire situation really ramped up in the Western U.S. was from the North and North East and so that spared us from that smoke last week."

The smoke over Cochrane is largely originating from California, Oregan and Washington. While there are some active and out of control fires in South Eastern B.C. Lowry says that they aren't producing the same volume of smoke as we're seeing being moved up from the Western United States.

Lowry says that although the smoke is visible in Cochrane, the good news is that it isn't affecting our air quality at the moment, and shouldn't be a deterrent from spending time outdoors.

Some more good news is that the smoky sky over Cochrane will be short-lived.

"The more South Westerly flow in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere that did bring this smoke in is expected to maintain today and through the early part of tomorrow," says Lowry. "Later on in the day tomorrow we are expecting a cold front to sweep in from the North across Alberta and that may act to flush out some of the smoke."

By Wednesday Cochrane is forecasted to reach a high of 16 degrees under a bright sunny, non-hazy sky.