As the old saying goes, "if you don't like the weather just wait an hour." While the switch hasn't quite happened that quickly here in Cochrane it's hard to believe where we were sitting just a few days ago.

Last week saw a steady snowfall with temperatures fluctuating between zero and minus 21. Environment  Canada meteorologist Eric Dykes says that is well below the norm for this time of year.

"Normal highs for this time of year is around seven degrees, minimums are around minus six at night," says Dykes. He goes on to say that we are in for a treat in here Cochrane today. "We are in store for a beautiful day, with highs exceeding the normal."

Those above normal temperatures are forecasted to reach 11 degrees this afternoon, however, Dykes says that will change overnight.

"There's a slight little disturbance that's coming off the BC coast. That's going to affect, for the most part, just Southwestern portions of Alberta," says Dykes. "So we're expecting a little bit of rain perhaps mixed with some snow as those temperatures get close to zero on Tuesday night."

With just days until Halloween, many Cochranites are wondering if we'll be trick-or-treating in the snow this year. Dykes says we aren't in the clear just yet.

"There is one weather model that does want to paint some light snow activity during the night Friday night into Saturday morning. Current indications are that there could be a couple of centimetres that fall with that," says Dykes. "The good news is that with temperatures rising of course on Saturday, any snow that does fall Friday night and Saturday morning will probably melt by the time kids go out for trick-or-treating on Saturday evening."

While it may seem too good to be true, not only is Environment Canada forecasting a snow-free Halloween this year, but they say Cochranites can expect mild temperatures too.

It's looking like the weather in Cochrane this Halloween will in fact be a treat!