What would you do with 91.5 lbs of candy?!

Cochrane's Best Costume contest has kicked off and we are on the hunt for your great Halloween photos. 

We all have that Halloween costume that defines Oct. 31 for us. Maybe it's a cute pumpkin you dressed your kid up as, or that batman costume that got you the most candy in 1992. The costume that you spent months building that looked just like your favourite character or the one that looks nothing like Queen Elsa because you tried to save money and build it yourself (oops).

We want to see all of them! Submit your best Halloween costume picture to CochraneNow.com and over 33,000 Cochranites will decide which costume is the best! 

The winner will receive the amazing prize of 91.5 lbs of candy! That's 2,077 fun sized Caramilk bars. Over 45,000 pieces of candy corn.

You will become the most popular trick or treating house in Cochrane (or turn off the light and eat it all yourself, we won't judge).

Best Costume