As of September 30, student enrolment  for Rocky View Schools is 22,712.

While growth in the major RVS municipalities has decreased slightly, the Rocky View District increased by 1, 145 students up 5.3% from the previous year.

The growth by sector for RVS is as follows:

Sector     Number of students % Increase/Decrease
Airdrie     638   7.4  
Chestermere     193   4.2  
Cochrane/Westbrook/Bearspaw 289   6.1  
Bragg Creek/Soringbank   44   2  
Crossfield     14   2.3  
Beiseker/Kathryn   -24   -4.6  


While the opening of two new schools in Airdrie and one in Cochrane has helped, all trustees agreed new schools are needed and necessary.

Utilization rates in Airdrie are sitting at 83% while Cochrane sits at 84%; any school between 80-85% is considered at capacity.

RVS Trustee Bev LePaere says it is concerning especially when you look at the process of getting new schools.

“We have no breathing room, we need to really advocate for more schools. When we look at those utilization numbers, I am under the realization of how long it not only takes to get approval, but design, build, to be open for kids."

Colette Winter, RVS, Director of Facility Planning says the division is growing by roughly 1000-1200 kids each year, and that number is concerning.

"Absolutely this is a concern for us, we are well aware that we need new schools and we need to open new schools as soon as we can. Because as we increase by 5%, 5% of 22,000 versus 5% of 27,000 is a big number. We are hoping for new school construction and more approvals."