Taking care of yourself is more important than ever right now. 

Everyone is faced with more stress and unknowns during these uncertain times. 

There's a workshop being put on by the Town of Cochrane that aims to help youth with self-care.

Mae Kroeis, Community Liaison & Programmer - Community Helpers says "The Community Helpers program is funded by Alberta Health Services and it runs through the Town of Cochrane FCSS, and it was created to help support the mental well-being of youth and young adults, ages 12-30 and to help prevent suicide among that age group."

"It does that be training the natural helpers in our community. So the natural helpers in our community are the people that youth and young adults naturally go to when they're struggling."

Kroeis says youth tend to look to their peers when they need help. 

"So we know that young people are less likely to go to professionals as their first line of communication when they're struggling, and more likely to go to their peers or a teacher or a friend's parent, for example."

The workshop is a mini-series that will explore self-care for helpers. 

"It's an hour each time, so a total of eight hours. Each hour is going to cover a different module of the Community Helpers program, specific to self-care."

Kroeis says "We're going to talk about self-care strategies in the first module. We're going to talk about an actual framework that you can use to walk yourself through a problem if you're struggling with something and you need someone to talk to, but there's nobody there and you need to sort of talk it through, yourself. We're going to talk a little bit about mental health and suicide awareness, and we're going to also talk about grief and loss."

The virtual workshop starts next Tuesday, Sept. 29.

To sign up, go here.

Kroeis will be at Walmart tonight promoting the Community Helpers program and handing out mental wellness kits.

Self care workshop